Funding Employee HSA Accounts via

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Funding Employee HSA Accounts via

In order for a company to fund their employee HSAToday accounts online, at least one person in the company needs to be assigned an “HR Role” to the website.  More than one person may be granted this role.

To fund the accounts:

  1. Login to the website with your credentials.
  2. If given the option, select “Human Resource Administrator” from the dropdown and click “Select Role” button.
  3. Click on the HSAToday tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Click on CONTRIBUTIONS on the left side of the screen.
  6. Select MANUALLY CREATE CONTRIBUTIONS and click “Continue”
  7. Enter Information about the Batch
    1. Description - whatever you want to call it, there is no wrong answer, just something that helps you identify if looking back later
    2. Contribution Date - Enter today’s date
    3. Contribution Tax Year - Will default to current year, which is most often correct.  From January 1 - April 15th of each year, you may optionally select the previous year.

    4. Click Continue
  8. Enter the type of Contributions being made to each/any employees listed
    1. Contributions will either be Employer Money, Employee Pre-Tax or Employer Post-Tax.  You can enter amounts in more than one box per employee.
    2. If some employees are left at ZERO that’s okay too.
    3. Click continue

    4. A Confirmation will Appear, Click “ENTER DEPOSIT” to enter a lump sum of money that will be distributed as you’ve just instructed.
  9. Contributions - How to Fund
    1. Select the Method of Getting funds to the Bank
    2. Most select EFT Draft
      1. Select Your Bank from the Drop Down list, if not there:
        1. Click ADD BANK ACCOUNT
    3. Deposit Date  - Enter Today’s Date
    4. Amount - Should match the total of the matrix you previously entered
    5. Description - Again anything you want, but something that helps describe the deposit to you.
    6. Click CONTINUE
  10. Verify Your Entries

    1. In order for the entries to successfully post, both the deposit total and the contribution/allocation instruction must be in balance, else they will pend until resolved.
    2. Click on CASH STATEMENT on the left.

    3. In the far right BALANCE column, the bottom TOTAL POSTED & PENDING amount should be zero.
    4. If not, and short money, click ENTER A DEPOSIT on left and enter differrence.
    5. If not, and too much money, click REQUEST A REFUND.

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